4 wireless cameras and DVR system


Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a stand alone system that consists of a DVR and at least 4 cameras. The cameras must be wireless.

I am finding some systems on the internet, but I was just wondering if anyone had some suggestions based on their experience.


I see you haven't seen any responses yet. Sorry I can't add to the thread in terms of suggestions, but I'm also curious as to what solutions you are interested in that you did see on the net.

Just an FYI. Wireless and Security shouldn't go hand in hand. Unfortuantely there is a flaw in 802.11a/b or g that allows one to easily "jam" the signals even if you cannot break into the wireless LAN. So an individual that knew that the cameras were wireless and had their little pringles can/PDA solution would be able to jam the cameras and then do their theivery unviewed. See http://news.zdnet.co.uk/communications/wir...39154656,00.htm
So even if the cameras support WPA/802.1x authentication/encryption the jamming is still possible and with a small portable device.

Wired solutions are not susceptable to that method, but can be disabled with wirecutters if the installation isn't sufficiently protected.

Just an FYI if you are considering this for security purposes. Granted the "average thief" may not jam the equipment, but why put it in when it can be easily circumvented as I mentioned above.
Thanks for your reply. I never considered the ability to circumvent the 802.11, but this is a great point. I found another thread on cocoontech discussing the LukWerks system. This system uses power lines to communicate which I believe would be more secure. We are looking into using this system. Most of the ideas we have gotten from this site has worked out well for us.

Thanks again,

You might want to read this review if you are looking at the LukWerks. They make some good points. I still maintain that if you look for a cheap solution, you'll get a cheap solution. Bite the bullet and put in at least decent stuff.