ALC for new construction?


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Just wanted to see if I can get some opinions on ALC. It seems like not very many people use this system, which I don't understand. If your building new why not just run some extra Cat 5 and have a wired automation solution? I can understand why it wouldn't catch on once the walls are up, but for new construction I would think that wired would be the way to go.

Are there problems integrating with HA software or hardware like the ELK M1?

I like the ALC lighting. With hardwired lighting you have absolute control with positive feedback. LeGrand/Onq has just introduced a new M1 interface controller combination for ALC lighting that directly connects to the M1 data bus.

LeGrand/Onq has just introduced a new M1 interface controller combination for ALC lighting that directly connects to the M1 data bus.
That was going to be my next question! :huh: My personal plan is to use ALC with an ELK M1 but I couldn't find any information on that combo and was starting to doubt my choice.

Any ideas on reliability? Anybody have problems with the ALC switches?

Also How well does ALC and ELK interface with programs like Homeseer?


Hi, Chris. Welcome to CocoonTech.

I looked at the ALC, and liked it as well. However, I decided another hardwire approach was better for me.

ALC requires that both the CAT5 and the AC line (Romex, in my case) had to be run to each switch location. Then each switch had to be installed in each location.

I opted for the CentraLite LiteJet system. All electronics are in the wiring closet, and you only run CAT5 to the switches, which are all low voltage, dry contact buttons. You can have up to six buttons in a single gang box, so I am only putting single boxes at switch locations. The switches are all re-programmable.

I was originally warned that such a "Home-run" system, where all of the lighting Romex goes to the wiring closet, would use an awful amount of Romex, but that was not the case in my situation. The fact that the Romex did not need to travel down the walls to the switches, and the fact that three-way and four-way switches use no additional Romex, meant that I actually use less Romex, and less labor to install it.

So in short, though I liked the ALC system, I preffered the reconfigurability of a home-run system. The bonus was that it was a lot cheaper.
Thanks for the welcome Rocco! I've been lurking for a long while and finally found a topic that I couldn't find information on through the search function... :huh:

The thing I liked about the ALC is that I wouldn't have to purchase all the automation switches right away. I can buy a couple for the main living areas and replace the bedrooms and other areas one at a time as $ becomes more available.

I do see how a home run system would be very reconfigurable as long as I was using "smart" switches instead of dumb switches. One problem I will run into is that there really isn't a very good place in my house to home run the high voltage stuff. My structured wiring closet is only about 4x4 and I think I'll need most of that space for all the LV stuff and the A/V equipment & HT/HA PC.

Has anybody used the ALC stuff? Any recommendations are welcome!