Any practical use for multiple instances of Homeseer?

You can if you want add a micro Intel based computer like the Pipo for Microsoft SAPI and aux HS3 windows plugins (remotely).  Here use a virtual box to do this.
My custom tabletop touchscreens here in Wintel run HSTouch and MS SAPI and/or OmniTouch Pro touch or in Linux run Squeezeplayer such that automation sounds run through zoned audio, tabletop touch screens (SAPI and GV), GV or Alexa.
Just related to MS SAPI and HS3 speaker dot exe you can run that on any microsoft product and your HS3 instances will talk to the speaker dot exe.
It does introduce another box to your network just related to Microsoft SAPI.  (I use Oracle VB or touchscreens here for that).

Using Microsoft SAPI here then have no dependencies on the cloud for TTS. That and do not put dependencies for automation on Amazon Alexa (just sound TT / VR candy). IE: if I unplug cloud based anything my home automation continues to work just fine.

Relating to the new use of WiFi switches / cloud stuff here rewriting the firmware on these devices allows me to keep using the internal network. (MQTT). Absolutely will never program any of these devices with phones or tablets on the internet. It's an easy button solution for those folks tethered to their smart phones and many yut today.

Noticed the topic has moved to wireless thermostats with cloud connections. Here very legacy and do not touch my Omnistat thermostat which is still serially connected to the OmniPro 2 panel. That and I do not gaze at my thermostat all fact I rarely look at it or any of the consoles that connect to it.
Not a question of gazing at a thermostat so much as getting yelled at for hanging something unattractive on the wall. T stats are in central locations near main air returns are and very visible whether I look at them or not.
Yeah if anything just make sure that it is working whether cooling or heating.  My home is energy efficient but that has nothing to do with the thermostat.
I do have temperature sensors all over the house and mostly see even temperatures which is fine for me.
macromark said:
Morgan - No, that's not what I was doing. You were complaining about the complexity of getting TTS out of your echos. I don't have a way to fix that, so thought I would offer an alternative. Should I have just kept that information to myself?
No, that was fine.  I might actually think about replacing some echo devices if they would indeed work with HomeSeer (for voice announcements).  I think I'll take UpstateMike's advice and wait a bit.
Thanks for the info on an alternate also Pete!  I'll re-read that again and try to absorb all of that info.