Any update on Gameport Monitor?


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I've been using Gameport Monitor v1.0.2 with multiple USB Gameports with great success. Still interested in Minimize to tray function...currently use another utility to minimize it to tray. How is the progress going on the update you mentioned a few months ago?
Because of all the problems I have had lately, I totally forgot about this. The minimize to tray class is easy to implement as I use it in some of my other applications, will try to recompile it this weekend.
Sorry to hear about the challenges. An update will be much appreciated whenever you have the chance. The option to minimize to tray upon opening would be wonderful since once things are set, they don't need to be fiddled with too much. Where will I look to donwload it? I don't see any download links on your home page.

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does anybody have a good website on how i can interface PIRs, contact closures, temp sensors, etc. with the game port? thanks.
just ask in the hardware forum, and people will answer, we have the expertise right here! :)