Caddx monitoring

Search this board on "Caddx". An external board is required for the NX-8, the NX-8e has a serial port included. OR do you mean monitored via an alarm monitoring company?
BSR- As with the EZ8 question, I meant through a monitoring company. I'm looking at the 8FP-7-RF since it has built in wireless (in the control panel) for more flexibility. Don't suppose you know of the MAX range you can put a sensor on it? I can use antennas if it will help improve the distance but since it might be a time issue, that's why I'm asking the experts.
BraveSirRobin said:
I'm guessing yes as the NX-8e can and this board was modeled after the NX-8. You may want to look at the price difference between the two and go with the NX-8e if your budget allows.
Any idea where I can find out for SURE before I buy one? I looked at the 8e but this guy has NO interest in expansion or computer integration at all so I figured why spend the money if he won't use it.

AutomatedOutlet said:
The range on the GE Caddx wireless stuff is "500 feet - Open Air".
Is there any way to increase this range?