Caddx NX-8

Hey ya'll looking to get some information.

I just purchased a home with a Caddx NX 8 panel in it.
the owner gave me the programing manuels as well as the owners manuel.

The big problem I"m having is, I can not get into the program code (dealer code)
Its definately is not the factory code.
And of course the person that put this in, will not give me the code to change it.

Is there anyway to reset these back to factory settings?
I called GE and they said that only dealers can reset these, or send them in to be reset for a fee. (but only dealers can send them in)

Any information that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


I've seen that caddx has a NX586E direct connect for your computer.
If I were to come across one of those, would I be able to default it that way?

Thanks again