Caddx Wireless Receivers


I have a NX448E with 48 Wireless Zones. I want to add wireless keyfobs.
Does NX 448E has support for wireless keyfobs or i need something else?

- misha
It has support for keyfobs and all you do is go into your M1 software and add them to your wireless section. Keyfob is 4 button NX-470 they work great.
Can I program the garage door to open / close similar to a F button on the keypad? My wife is concerned that [today] opening the garage door triggers the alarm, which does not give her enough time to park the car and disarm the system. My motorcycle got dinged already and me and the alarm acquistics are to blame.

One option is to extend the time before the next alarm notification is triggered. But its like extending the yellow light - we all know it and we all run it.

I wonder if there is a way to disarm the system from the garage door. what i mean is when garage door is opened then disarm the system. Hm. Interesting idea. I guess I can use the sensor to do the opposite of what its doing right now....
Or remove the garage sensor once and for all.

Or get the keyfob for 30 bucks.

Please advise.
Keyfob takes away the to late to early run to beat the time clock and stops dings!! I have it set up that you can arm/disarm from the keyfob and when you arm you get 4 chirps from the exterior siren to let you know it did arm. We have three seperate garage doors and each fob opens the proper door for that vec, (WAF) very high ;)
I WOULD NOT have the system disarm when the door is opened Poor Security. IMO spend the $30 and see what you can do with it. I think there are many options and you WILL like it.
Any keyfob button can be programmed to trigger a Rule, or programmed to set off alarms, or arm/disarm the security system. There is a great deal of flexibility in what can be done with the keyfobs.