is moving again!


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Thanks to a great offer from our host, we are moving the site to an even faster machine. This means that sometime tonight, the forum will go offline, the database will be copied, and the new forum will be brought online. So once you see the forums are open again, it means you are on the new machine. Thank you for patience!
lol thanks, the speed isn't bad at all, it's just the offer was too good to refuse, I am thinking of the future :)
Hope you getting a lot of bandwidth too!!!

With all the new posts tonight with links to clink on, we've got to burning up bandwidth like crazy!!
Just wondering what you are going to with respect to server specs, and your backbone to the rest of the world?
ah, I didn't set up the redirection again like I did last time, but it is .com indeed.
I am typing this as I am sitting on the conveyor which carries the luggage to the cargo area ... weeeee .... j/k, I am checking in before leaving here, just making sure the place is still up and running and fixing some minor issues ;)