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hmmm, also about this thread, I can't help thinking if Gordon wasn't on to us early (first post) how many of you would "really' think this was true?? :p


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It must be you. I haven't adjusted the avatar.

How is you wife and child? It's been a while and I hadn't heard. Rough rough week at work. My best friend and I was working out and he collapsed and died of a massive heart attach. He was 41 years old and leaves behind 4 young girls and a non working wife. It's been a really bad week for me. Tell you loved one how much you care every chance you get.



Wow, sorry to hear about your friend. That's rough and I hope the best for his family.

My family is recovering very well, wife not 100% yet but doing as well as can be expected. So far no immediate complications, but we have guarded optimism for the future.

Thanks for asking and best wishes to you and your family!



Wow that's rough Rupp. I know you have a good support system in place but watch out.

I thought I was tough and could rationalize everything, but when a few old family and friends went, a VERY sneaky thing happened. I know longer seemed to care about much or ever got around to doing anything. It took a while to figure out. (2.5 years?)

I can't even imagine losing a friend that way.

So take care & good luck BSR.