Congratulations Electron on Post #5000!


Congratulations to our esteemed leader, electron, on his recent 5000th post to CocoonTech!

Electron has dedicated a large portion of his time towards this forum, which has grown to over 1800 members in its 2.5 years of existence. CocoonTech is now the number one source for independent home automation, security, and theater information and it’s because of electron’s work in supporting the community that has made this possible.

He is a great friend and very much has a genuine interest in helping and supporting our forum members. I feel privileged and honored that he has let me be a part of it all! :D

Congratulations e and we are looking to 5000 more!
I'll second that! The field of HA simply would not be the same without the big E! We really, really, really (did I say really?) appreciate all of your hard work, many hours and dedication to helping us all and giving us an open, unbiased and friendly place to share. Thanks Electron!

And thanks to you too BSR - for your efforts and awesome how-to's. You only have 2108 posts to go...
Since it's after 12 noon here, and is after 5:00 pm somewhere, I'll drink a toast to electron, and follow with a very hardy THANKS!
Congrats... just wish the HA gods would be kinder to the poor guy. Hope you get your system back up soon....