Daylight Savings Issues


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Does anyone else have daylight savings issues? My Elk M1 changed time on March 8 even though the configuration states the time change should not happen until this Sunday. I had to add a rule within HomeSeer to re-sync the time with my HomeSeer system so it stays accurate.

Any suggestions on how I can resolve the re-occurring daylight savings issue?



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ELK is working on a firmware update which will address the DST issues. It's in beta right now, should be released soon (but probably too late for this weekend's change).


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Noticed it at home a few days ago here also. Hopefully this next firmware update actually fixes the problem....


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Ah, yes. It is that lovely time of year for Elk time keeping. . . AGAIN!!!

When are they going to fix this? You can find references to this problem going back years.

And, yes, mine thinks it is an hour later. When it changed, I don't know, I just got back in town from a 1 week vacation today.


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Same problem here. Lept forward a few days ago and again today. Re-sync with the time server corrected the time this AM.


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So far mine is correct - it was correct last night, and as of this morning it's still correct. If I remember based on past seasons, it'll probably change tomorrow and advance another hour.

My system announces when it's 8:00PM so the kids know to start their bedtime routine; maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing if it happened an hour earlier tomorrow!


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I get a daily status update via email every day at 6:00. On 3-7-2012 the email came at 6:00 PM. The time was correct.

On 3-7-2012 the email came at 5:00 PM. This was incorrect. It came an hour early.

I looked at the time today and the clock is now 2 hours ahead, almost like there was 2 different pieces of code doing two different things...

Usually, the NTP updates fix the issue after a day or so. This time it didn't. Maybe that's not working either, who knows.

What a cluster ....


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Mine went an hour ahead prematurely. Sometime last week, don't know when, I was out of town. But it did not go ahead another hour this morning. In other words, the time is now correct. I did not manually change the time during any of this process.


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I have to say thats the only thing Ive been disappointed in the Elk so far....seemingly VERY slow on fixes (and DST is NOT a minor issue). Between DST issues and no SSL support on the M1EXP.....I have to question the agility of the company. I know in the land of security leaving stuff alone is the safest, but when basic features are missing, sometimes you need to get up and put something out there to fix it.


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Elk used to be very active here but ever since they went to "dealers only" there hasn't been as much activity here. One can only hope that it means good (better) things are coming.


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Mine went an hour ahead last week, and another hour ahead yesterday.

And Elk going dealer only? Is that true? I gotta assume that the majority of ideas for additional products and features come from the DIY community. But, maybe I'm wrong, they would know.