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I am working with a client and will be installing an ELK M1 system in their home. They are also having an ELAN System installed for Multi-Room Audio/Video. And I plan on proposing UPB for lighting. What is the Best way to tie these systems together Affordably?
Elan has the protocol and says they are going to write the driver to interface the Elan system to the M1.

Squeeky wheels get the grease, remember!!! :D
Will it integrate Alarm Only? I am trying to put together a complete system. Multi-Zone, Alarm, and lights from a central system. What do you advise? Also can you see what the status is on the Interface and I will also Have my Elan dealer turn the wheels as well.
I too will be interested in the elan interafce to ELk. I hope the Elan driver will work with all Elan sytems as I have the Elan Z series. I also plan on replacing my current security panel vista 50 with the M1.

While we wait for this interface, I think you can tie elan and elk by adding a controller that has ir capability like ocelot or homevision. I have both units but I use homevision with my Elan. Using homevision, you can control basic ir functions of Elan directly from the elk keypad, or through wireless x10 and upb remotes, or whenever a zone changes state, etc.

Elan control can be accopmlished two ways:
1. If you use Upb or x10 for lighting, write a rule in Elkrp to send out x10 or upb signal when a code is entered in the elk keypad, or when a zone changes state etc. Homevision then sends the appropriate ir command to elan when it detects the signal.

2. For a more relaible control, the M1 voltage outputs can be connected directly to homevision input. You will then write elk rules to turn these ports on or off and homevision will act accordingly.

I currently use both methods with my current security and elan systems and they work well. Homevision does not need a computer to be on in order to operate and can be mounted in the same location as the M1.
Thanks Acoba.
It is good to hear how others are making things work.

Keep us informed of your progress.

If anyone knows of any insiders in Elan, it will always help to prode them along.
I saw an Elan touchscreen this week at a dealers showroom in Wisconsin. About 7" diagonal. Watch TV and control everything. Nice device! Can't wait for Elan to get a driver done for the M1.
I know. See what you can do to push things from your end. I want to use the Elk in the Cavalcade of Homes here in Chicago. But if Elan does not get the driver done, we can not use the Elk system.
This Elan driver will allow Elan to control the ELK, right? To use this driver, one will need a Via tochscreen and Viasc4 for rs232 control. The combo is $2400 or $1600 retail depending on size of screen.
Does anyone know if this driver will allow total control of the M1?
Hard to say untill Elan releases information about it. I have everyone I know that deals with Elan tring to get an answer.