ELK M1, Insteon, and PC Based Automation


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Since I have not been having much luck with my Insteon Devices linking to each other and the M1 with the "Tap" method I am thinking of investing in a PC based software program to do my linking etc.

I want something that will will play nicely with the M1. Currently I have rules that tell my lights to go on and off based on events such as arming away, tripping of a motion, alarm going off etc. I would like that the M1 be able to maintain this control.

So basically what PC based software program would be well suited for working with the M1 and also what additional hardware would I need??? Another Insteon Powerline interface?

I might want to do Home Thearter next as well.

Thanks in advance...............
Dave's PowerHome software has the most best Insteon linking abilities, last time I looked at it. Unfortunately, it doesn't help with getting links into the Elk database/serial expander. I know Dave had talked to some of the folks at Elk about improving the Elk Insteon configuration situation, but I don't know if anything is in the works.

Spanky? Dave? any news?

This week, SmartHome announced pre-sales of their beta HouseLinc software that should do linking. But nobody has reviewed it yet or posted screen shots yet.
I have been leaning towards PowerHome for a few weeks now. If it supported linking to the ELK I would get it today. The price is right and it seems to be set up pretty well.
ELK needs a data base generated from all the Insteon links so that we can retrieve the linking information and program it into the M1XSP. Have not seen that data base yet, but open to the first one we get.
I assume you are talking about a PC style database, not the Insteon database from within the 2414s?

PowerHome uses a Sybase database, I assume you want it in MS Acess format?

Once Elk has an acceptable database to draw from, are you suggesting the ElkRP will be enhanced to read that database?
If I knew that PowerHome was working on it I would buy it now since upgrades seem to be free (my kind of Software). It seems like a good program already and adding the ELK linking would probably make it very popular (snice the ELK is getting more and more popular to).
Yes, that is the plan to read a PC data base that has the link information, extract the information and program the M1XSP with the Insteon link information. Should be very straight forward.

PowerHome or SmartHome should have the information available after the linking is finished.