Elk M1G keypad firmware upgrade


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I currently have 2 keypads with 3.0.1 and 2.1.40 and tried to upgrade to the latest bootware and firmware and it gave me an message "error program device"

I follow the instruction by updating the bootware to 3.0.14 and it give me the error message.

Anyone has any suggestions or done this upgrade successfully
I also had the problems updating the boot loader.

It failed about 99% also. It is not a problem with different versions of the loader, the second one is not compatible and rp will tell you so...
rfdesq said:
There is a thread about the two keypad boot versions at the ELK Dealer site.
Yes, I opened it before trying the update, but the system will only let you start the update with the correct version. However, once it starts, return the error of not being able to update the device. I can restore the original firmware without problems, so the keypad is operational, but not upgraded.
Found the problem with the older versions keypad bootloader being updated.

EDIT: New Keypad download is available at the M1dealer.elkproducts.com website. Reprogram the new bootloader for the keypad, then reprogram the application code for the keypad.

Thanks for the input. You found one!!!

elcano said:
I can restore the original firmware without problems, so the keypad is operational, but not upgraded.
I just noticed that I had installed the new firmware (2.1.44) on top of the old bootloader (3.0.4). And it worked!

But anyway I installed the lastest bootloader and firmware now without problems.
looks like I did the same thing..... I have boot loader V 3.06 and FW 2.1.44

Spanky I am redownloading now to get the error will post back in a few
it gets to about 98% done at 0:00 left in time

and responds with error programing device

then another window......

keypad 1 - failed

and mow my firmware shows erased

btw I have HW .10
Found the problem....

for some reason when I downloaded the files from your site it did not include the extention with the file :eek: (I use Fire fox incase youd like to examin this). So yesterday I added the exe and then proceded to unzip it to thecorrect directory. Then today I redownloaded the file and proceded to unzip and try to install it.


I never changed the ext. so I have been trying to install the same file that you admited had an error... So in conclusion DELEATE the old files before you download the new ones! :D :wacko:

Sorry for the confusion it all loaded fine with the new build from today :D
I use Opera and the exe files from Elk always (I think it is always) download as php extension. I must rename the the extension before decompressing.