Geovision problem


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I have a system setup with 4 cameras running on a geovision 800 card. Everything was running along fine until a week or so ago when two of the inputs, 2 and 4 in my case, went blank. I thought it was the cameras at first, but I can plug any camera into inputs 1 and 3 and they display fine. I naturally assume something is wrong with the card, but just having 2 inputs instead of the whole card go is a little strange to me. Any cameras experts seen something like this before?

Which software and card version?

Check your device manager, you should see 4 distinct video encoders and 4 audio encoders. The GV800-4 does not utiltize the crossbar functions of the encoders.

You may also wish to take this up a, if you register the same ID over there I will too. :) There is a Geovision specific forum as well. The more heads the better.