Great review of the Monster AVL 300 remote


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Check out this review of the new Monster AVL 300 series remote control. This is probably one of the few reviews which actually discusses the home automation technology aspect in such detail.

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That is an awesome review of the remote. I own one of the Monster AVL300's and I like it much more than the Harmony 890 which I also own. My favorite part about the AVL300 is its ability to setup multiple rooms. I can use the same remote in different rooms of my home and the remote won't get confused. Also, I like the fact that it actually controls my z-wave lights. As of the last time I played with the Harmony I was not able to control my lights because they had not implemented that into their firmware.

I am still not a fan of the web based programming. It seems to take way too long to setup a remote. As an installer I would like to whip out a full house config in 20mins. It takes me about an hour using the web software.

My wife is still not convinced tho. She likes the old non-programmable remote much better. The reason is because the programmable remotes attempt to remember the last state of the tv. So if you turn the TV on via the remote and then turn it off at the actual tv unit the remote still thinks ths tv is on. So if you puch the on button to watch tv nothing happens. You have to push off first and then on. There is a nice little HELP button which allows you to correct this when it happens.

My favorite feature of all on the AVL300 is the LARGE lighting button at the top of the remote which allows you to quickly pull up the menu for the room you are in and control the lights. One click to access the menu and one click to control the light and you are done. Since you usually have the TV remote close by this seems to be the best way to control the lights.
Thanks for the kudos on the review. You need to teach the Mrs. to stay away from all buttons except those on the remote itself ;-)

Seriously though... if your TV has discrete power on/off capability you should be able to configure your activities to include the propoer discrete command every time to easily keep your equipment in line. I've been impressed by hom many discrete commands are now part of the Monster/Logitech etc. database
I just got an AVL300. It was easy to setup and works with all of my HTPC and cable TV equipment. It meets all of my criteria for a great remote.

- Easy for my family to use.
- RF to work through the wood cabinet housing my equipment.
- I plan to use Z-Wave in the future.

One cautionary note for those with existing Z-Wave networks: The current firmware (4.7) in this Monster remote does not allow any other brand of primary controller to be used in the same system. In other words, you can't currently create a secondary controller out of this remote if your primary controller is already a HomePro ZTH100, Intermatic HA09C, HA07C or HomeSeer Z-Troller™. However, we've learned from Monster Cable that this issue will be addressed in the next firmware revision (slated for Jan/Feb timeframe).

These units are very nice and we'll be taking them on for distribution after the next firmware release.

macromark said:
However, we've learned from Monster Cable that this issue will be addressed in the next firmware revision (slated for Jan/Feb timeframe).

My fist post and my thanks to AVSForums for referring me here. :)

Mark, my fingers are crossed that you are correct as this looks like a wonderful piece of equipment and if it can interoperate with my existing Intermatic devices and controller I won't be able to stop myself from grinning.

Thanks again!
The one thing that I can say about monster is that their support has been great. I have had a few issues with the setup of the remote and every time they have worked with me directly to resolve the problem within hours. So if they say they are going to have it fixed with the next firmware version I would bet that it's going to happen. The remote certainly does have a few limitations in the currect firmware and I am told that somewhere about at the end of January we should see new firmware.