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Happy Birthday Martin!


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Happy Birthday Martin. Let's see, this will make you, hmmm........ 67 years old today, correct?

Oops, I wasn't supposed to mention that, was I? :D


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Actually, he's only 5 months older than me. But hey, I take my cheap shots whenever/wherever I can find them. :D


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Well, it's one of those funny things. You sometimes just think back to what you might have been doing when you were half of that age... hehe

Bruce L

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At 22 ?

I'd been married for 2 years, 1 child with another on the way, shopping for 1st house and scraping every penny I could.

At 44 ?

4 kids, 3rd house, scraping every penny I can - LOL, somethings never change :D


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Hey, this PROVES some of the best people were born in the shortest month of the year...

Happy Birthday!!