Hats off to Lynn Heitman


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I called up Automated Ceiling Registers today (who ironically enough are the makers of Automated Ceiling registers) to find out how much of a current draw one of these registers makes. (It's around 80mA-100mA per register by the way)

I ended up with Lynn on the phone and proceeded to have a great chat with him about using the registers, different ways to control the registers, running the wires, how to use them as floor registers and a whole gambit of other topics. After I hung up the phone I had a whole slew of good info and feel much better about using them in my project.

What I thought was great was when he asked me where I had gotten them and I mentioned that I had ordered them from Martin. He knew exactly who I was talking about and we chatted about that for a bit. Then he asked me where I had heard of them and I mentioned CocoonTech.com and he said he'd been here too and read the forums. I guess the HA world is pretty small after all. Very cool.

I must admit that I was a little concerned when I had trouble finding ACR's webpage as in the past it's been a sign of a crummy company with crummy support but after talking with Lynn I wouldn't have any problem recommending their products to someone else.

So Lynn, if you're reading this, thanks again for your help and I'll be sure to let everyone know how things went when I'm all finished up.
It's great to hear of GREAT support and GREAT products for a change! Please let us know how your projects turn out, Micah.