Hello, and great to get back into HA



Good evening everyone,
Bought an M1 recently and found lots of useful information here.  Not a stranger to home automation, but have been out of touch for almost 20 years. 
My first system was a HAI Aegis.  Had a great time playing with that.  Integrated that with motion sensors (hardwired and X10) and the home thermostat (RC-80).  It was truly a marvel back then as virtually nobody had a home controller more sophisticated than a light timer.
Long before there was Alexa and Siri, even before Google and Amazon, I was calling home and telling the Aegis to set the HVAC to "occupied" so temperatures would be comfortable when I go back.  When we went out, the Aegis would "randomly" turn lights on and off to simulate someone at home.  I remember one time using the client software to dial home from London so I can check status.  IP cameras were many years away at that time.
After a few years of that, I moved to a new place where a Brinks (now ADT) security panel already in place.  Didn't think about HA again until the system died a couple of weeks ago.  
Decided to get back in the saddle and got an Elk M1.  Sure brings back good memories!  What's even better is I found my old box of X-10 gizmos, including the two-way module!  The M1 doesn't natively  support any of the newer protocols (like Z-wave), so will take my time and see what I can do with old-school X-10 first.  
Spent a few days pulling out the old Brinks board and re-connecting all the zones to an M1 zone expander.  The control is in a location that's much easier to get to and work on.  Still much to do and learn.
Anyways, just wanted to say "hi!"
Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you know what you’re doing and on the right track. Many helpful forum members here I’m sure will be happy to help along the way.

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