Home Assistant Home Assistant-Homeseer-CumuluxMX Server out of space


Status February 27, 2024 -

Hardware -

Lenova Tiny M900 - 32Gb RAM - 250 Gb SSD

Software -
Base OS Ubuntu 22.04
Homeseer 4 - grown to 1.6Gb
CumulusMX - grown to 6Gb
Oracle Virtual Box - grown to around 100Gb
  • Home Assistant VB - grown from 4Gb to 60Gb - 8Gb of RAM
  • Windows 7 32bit VB - used for SAPI only - ~ 30Gb - no change in size - 4 Gb of RAM

I was backing up CumulusMX to same drive. Each backup was 6Gb.
HA VB is now 60 Gb and each backup was 60Gb.

Last update of Home Assistant used up rest of SSD and it wouldn't boot up any more.

Purchased a 500Gb SSD and copied over 250Gb SSD to 500Gb SSD and moved all backups to NAS.

I was able to restore last backup of HA VB and all is fine today.
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