home automation mega poll, part III


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Time for part III of this mega poll. What home automation software do you primarily rely on?
Do the 'None of above' means 'None, I use a remote to control my hardware (no PC/controller)', or it means 'None, I only use a Hardware Controlled based solution'?
Are the two entries for HAL the same program? Or is "Home Automated Living" another HAL?
none means you don't use any of the listed software (to keep things simple). I removed the other HAL option, sorry about that.
Spanky said:
I looked at the poll, now it says I voted. It would be "None of the above" anyway.
You're using the Elk only? Put a CQC box in front of that man, get him sucked into HomeTheaterAutomation! :eek: :D :eek:
I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers. I knew CQC had taken on a lot of supporters but I did not realize it had overtaken HS here by that margin.
I think if we told all users of all software out there to come and vote, we might see slightly different results.
I was actually considering restarting the poll, but only 3 new members signed up with the intention of voting for CQC, so those numbers are pretty accurate. I was surprised myself.
Added my two cents for CQC. I haven't got it setup yet to work with Z-wave but I just received notice that my Intermatic USB controller just shipped so fingers crossed that I'll be able to get CQC talking to the Intermatic hardware.
electron said:
I was actually considering restarting the poll, but only 3 new members signed up with the intention of voting for CQC, so those numbers are pretty accurate. I was surprised myself.
I was just looking at the new members, too. So I agree it doesn't look too bad. But, has anyone posted on the HS board telling people to vote here? I'm curious, in general, how many people will join something like CocoonTech just to place a vote - when the vote really doesn't influence that much.
What this is showing is that all forum surveys are skewed. This might show what cocoontech users are using, not a comparison of one company to the other. Out of all the choices, CQC is probably the smallest market penetration of choices overall. But, very popular w/ cocoontech users.

Forums in general do not IMHO reflect the average user anyway. The more vocal and usually DIY / Hobbyists post on these forums. Nothing wrong with that, just what appears to be a fact.

It also is begining to appear to me that cocoontech is quickly becoming a place were folks not satisfied with Homeseer (specifically) post. And, because of timing with HS2 launch, many have converted to CQC.

The vote of CQC was really more cast when HS launched HS2 with more issues than their user community felt appropriate for a production launch. It's not about how many have just joined cocoontech to vote for CQC - that vote was cast a year ago with HS2 launch.

Definately not indicative of what is really going on with HA / HT software outside of cocoontech.

I look at the survey as really just a bit of trivia. What I do think it showcases is that Cocoontech is quickly becoming not the place to go for unbiased opinion. Something I hope Electron / BSR should be concerned about. I don't have an easy answer, but it should be of concern. Too much HS slamming has kept the HS enthusiasts away. That's really too bad since they probably have the highest level of expertise in their fold of the DIY community. Some really sharp and sharing folks are on the HS forum. It would be great if they were also attracted to visit cocoontech more often. I can definately see why they could care less and just stay on the HS forum.

Hopefully as folks move to HS2.1 (which all HS users should) there will be less negativity on cocoontech.

BTW, similar comments with MainLobby too.