How to Connect to CHAT via Java


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How do I connect to CHAT?

I have the latest version of Java. Java starts and runs when I go to the chat area, but I never seem to connect. Does Java work, or should I use Trillian instead? Does chat only work at certain times of the day?

Chat should work just fine. You can use Trillian to connect to port 6667, room is #cocoon . If anyone else is having problems with the JAVA interface, please post here.
The chat box tells me that I am not connectted to a channel. What am I doing wrong?

I am NEW to chat.

Thanks in advsance!
In Java or Trillian? The Java client should connect by itself, it just hangs at "checking ident" for a minute. In Trillian, you probably need to type "/join #cocoon"
This is all I see using Java.

I MUST be doing something wrong.


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Might you have a firewall issue? Are you at home or work? After "connecting..." you should see "logging in..." so you are not connecting to the server.
Yeah, must be a firewall issue.

Any idea what I should open up? Windows firewall is off. Is it maybe my security setting in IE? A Java setting? I am not sure where to start.

I am using my work PC now, but I have the same issue with my home PC.

the chat server won't ping, so don't bother. But can you bring up and/or in a browser? Do you have any alternative browsers like FireFox or Opera you can try?
I can get to both sites with IE. But still unable to connect to a chat session.

I get:

[19:03] *** Failed to launch Ident server : access denied ( localhost:113 listen,resolve)
[19:03] Connecting...
[19:03] Unable to connect : Software caused connection abort: connect
[19:03] Not on a channel
Just tried chat
Unable to connect : null
I connected fine Thursday.
BTW, Dan, BSR, can you post last nights CQC / AO chat session? I wanted to join, but family obs took precedence.
UPS failure killed the server for a few hours, it's back up now. I don't have the log personally because I wasn't there either and forgot to turn it on.
OK, I am stupid.... ;)

My work supplied McAffee virus protection software package automatically blocks port #6667. Once I opened that port up in McAffee, it works like a champ.

Thanks to all that gave assitance!!!