How to voice call user with triggered zone information?



My M1G is not centrally connected, but I have it programmed to dial a set of numbers once the alarm is triggered. Although it works in concept, my implementation is pretty lack-lustre. I programmed it a couple of years ago like this as a proof of concept, but I couldn't get it working as well as I would have liked and never really sat down to rework it properly.

Right now, the message immediately starts to play as soon as the M1G finished dialing and before the phone is actually answered. Consequently, when I get the call, I don't get the start of the message - only the tail end of it. Also, my message right now only indicates that the alarm was triggered, but not which zone caused it.

So a few questions:
1) Can I required the M1G to wait for the call to answer before starting to play the msg?
2) Can I include the zone information in the playback message (I don't see that variable anywhere in the rules)?
3) Can I have the M1G replay the message XXX number of times before it hangs up?
4) Right now the M1G will continue to call the number(s) until it gets an acknowledgement (ie: I have to press the # button) - otherwise it keeps redialing the list. Can I limit the number of times it will redial the number to get the acknowledgement?