Jim Schrempp is here to say helo


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Jim Schrempp here, posting in Hello World per your request.
I'm a hacker of things. I grew up with my dad taking apart every old thing to save the motors, screws, gears, and whatever else he could find of value. I'm not sure we ever made anything with that stuff, but we did have a lot of it.
These days I get my fun making things. I spend a lot of time at Tech Shop - our local membership fabrication facility. I love to learn new CNC tools and put them to use making junk. I've used a Shopbot to make a relief model of a local park, getting the data from Google Earth. I've also scanned my own head and used that in a number of tests. Last Halloween I had a dozen masks of myself on standby for those who came without a costume. The table had Jello Jim, dark chocolate Jim, and meatloaf Jim.
I also work on Tech Enhanced Life - it's all volunteer - trying to create a repository of how technology can help people deal with aging and prolong those "good" years as long as possible. We want to enjoy life and then go out in a bang.
I colead a MeetUp on Aging In Place Technology. We talk about how technology can keep people in their homes longer.
I've worked with a good friend to make an Arduino based Pill Reminder for his 99 year old mother; it works pretty well. We're now working on a Particle.io based remote sensor system. It works with standard $8 wireless sensors and ships events up to the cloud where you can then do almost anything. It's an open source project, you can find it on GitHub as the SISProject. We'd love to have more people join in the fun. We just got PCBs back and I spend today making 6 more of them so I can entice my friends to experiment with them.
And then I have a day job at a small software startup.
I'm new so I can't post links. You can google any of the things I've mentioned above, or google my name and you'll find links to all this. Or send me a message and we can chat about things.
I'm looking forward to the community here.
Hello Jim, and welcome to Cocoontech!
It sounds like you have some wide ranging interests and good ideas.  You're sure to find others here with similar interests.
Not long ago, there was a thread about aging in place technology, which you'll find here.   The thread has quieted down a bit recently, but don't be shy about reviving it or starting a new thread if you have ideas you'd like to discuss.