Keypadlinc Support


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I've got some time to play with my own setup today and want to focus back on Insteon/Elk lighting.

Have skimmed the M1XSP/Insteon doc and searched a couple message boards, but couldn't find for sure that this is supported or not.

The intent is to have the Elk aware of button presses on Keypadlincs to trigger HS events using the HS/Elk plug-in. From my experiments, I don't see that this is supported yet?

As a work around, can I assign X-10 addresses to the buttons and have the M1 intercept these through the 2414S?

I beleive all the keypadlincs do is transmit a signal (X10 or Insteon) when a button is pressed. So your work around should work. Assign each button an address and program the ELK to react to the address.

I was hoping to keep everything native with Insteon commands and not address any buttons with X10 but may need to fall back on this.

The addition of Insteon seemed to really decrease the reliability of my X10 so I'm concerned that I'll even be able to get X10 signals around the house anymore. At this point everything X10 has been removed from my system so I kind of hate to add it back in.