Keypads programmed alike?


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I have 3 keypads on my M1 system. Are the "F" keys on them supposed to be completely independent? I have F5 configured to turn on an output and blink the F5 LED (based upon that output). Regardless of which keypad I press F5 on, only the front door keypad ever blinks, but the output is apparently set properly by all 3 keypads. Since they all appear to be configured the same in RP, why don't they function the same?

When I first started playing with the F key, I am sure I saw something happen in RP that implied to me that what I did with one keypad was going to happen with all the keypads.
Each keypad is programmed independently. In ELKRP go to EACH keypad and program the function key activation setting and the light behind each key.

Under the Rules you can trigger a rule from any F Key on any keypad or from an individual keypad.

When you add a keypad, you have the option of copying the settings from another preprogrammed keypad.
Got any troubleshooting steps when F5 only blinks on one keypad, but is configured to blink on all 3 keypads? The two "busted" keypads don't illuminate F5 at all, but all 3 have the same illumination event (7108 = output 108 state) configured.

The rule in RP is triggered by F5 on ANY keypad and seems to be working fine, which is what I want (for now).

I don't remember an option to copy an an existing config, but that is probably irrelevant since this tweaking was done after I added my third keypad.
Just wanted to "bump" this topic to see if anyone has a fix... I've got the same prob with the F5 key lighting as programmed on keypad 1, but not keypad 2 even though they are programmed the same in ELKRP.