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In the middle 80's with a very old alarm panel and TTS I connected one speaker outside. The panel had two audio zones. It worked out for a bit.

One week during the summer while out of town my neighbor called me to let me know (great friend and neighbor) he had disconnected (cut) my speaker which at the time was on the detached garage. His master BR windows faced my driveway and garage and he had been sleeping with his windows open.

I believe all that was triggering the speech was a photo senor across the driveway. Lighting sometimes would trigger false alarms. Decided not to use outdoor TTS anymore in the old home more out of concern relating to my neigbors.


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For anyone that believes in medeco locks, check out this demo by wired magazine. It is really funny how locks offer security through obscurity, the same model that was busted apart in the computer world years ago. Better to get the info out there, lets have a dateline special on how to pick locks, and force people to use layered security.

Here is some marketing lingo I found on the locks, seems busted.

Medeco uses special pins in the locks that gives a key thousands of options and possibilities on the cuts. These pins are used to make the lock bump and pick proof. They not only have to be lifted to its proper position to meet a sheer line but at the same time rotate to its proper angle to allow what is a side bar to fall into the lock. If your in the market for a deadbolt, make the right choice and make it a Medeco bump proof door lock.

Video Demo




There is even a video at the end showing a 12 year old with a hammer bumping the lock. I was able to find almost all of the info on making the right bump key online too.

For those that like lockpicking, here is a video of a medeco lock:


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that must get annoying with the computer screaming at you outside every time you take out the trash, get the mail, go to your car, ...
No. Not at all since none of those things actually apply. But enjoying the Bar-B-Q, deck, mowing and garden work does. I've worked out a subtle override (which as previously mentioned re-arms itself automatically).