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Ok, I feel stupid even asking this but I can't find it. Feel free to point me to docs. Does the M1 support UPB out of the box, or do I need something else? I want to run UPB and X10. It looks like for X10 I need a PSC05. What about to run UPB? Do I need an M1XSP for that? Sorry for the dumb question.
Ok, after reading docs on M1XSP, it sounds like I need that PLUS the UPB Computer interface module. That's making more sense. Ok, so the UPB computer interface goes to M1XSP which goes to bus, and the PSC05 plugs into the port on the M1. Is this right? Oh well, there goes another 200 unbudgeted bucks! Would have been nice for there to be a UPB port on the M1 like the one for X10. Can I suggest making this a little more clear in the docs - or please point me to it if I missed it!
Any difference between the UPB interface made by Simply Automated and HAI? Will they both work with the ELK M1?

Either one should work fine. If you order the one from HAI, make sure to get the RJ11 to DB9 adapter cable too. The connectors on their are meant for direct connection to the HAI panel.
The M1 will support "most" all X-10 devices by using the PSC05, two way module (TW523 is consumer number), or the PSC04 one way module which is plugged into the M1 or EZ8 via a RJ11 telephone type cable. Make sure you note in the instructions the way the cable must be made. If it is backwards, it will not work. There is a 50/50 chance of being backwards. Normally with the PSC05 you have to furnish the cable.

The M1 will support many other advanced lighting systems including UPB. The M1XSP acts as a protocol translator from the M1's generic lighting commands to the specific system you are connecting to it such as UPB. You set the jumpers on the M1XSP according to the lighting or thermostat type you are connecting to it.

In the Rule Engine all the lighting commands are the same, no matter what lighting device you have connected to the M1.

One further thing to remember. When setting up a lighting device in ELKRP Lighting menu, make sure you use the format of "Serial Port Expander" when a lighting device is connected to the M1XSP.

UPB requires a System ID that is set in the Global Programming.

The M1 keeps an On/Off mapping of all lighting devices that it can hear so that you can write Rules using the state of lights.
Example: You could write a rule that if you turned the kitchen lights on and off 3 times within 10 seconds, the alarm would disarm... etc.

ELK Products Website has some good M1 application examples that are part of the ELK newsletter. You may want to sign up for the FREE newletter.

Have fun and if you have problems, we are here to HELP.

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Do you sell the RJ11 to DB9 cable, I think it's HAI part # 36A05-2? Or does anyone know the wiring configuration of the cable, so in a pinch I could make one myself?

While we are on this subject, can the Elk support multiple interfaces simultaneously? IE: X10 and UPB and Insteon at once? It sounds like it is set per device, just wanted to verify....
Can you clarify how this works? I know that when you want to add a high tech light in RP, you have to select the serial expander in the format column. If you have two serial expander lighting modules (say Insteon and UPB), would the command for that light go out both protocols? So if you are using multiple protocols you do need to make sure that things don't overlap when assigning IDs & X10 codes?
The lighting commands will go out to all serial expanders if the lighting setup format is "Serial Expander". If the light for example is address 1(A1 in X10) all serial expanders will attempt to control address 1. If you have X-10, UPB, OnQ, Insteon, ...etc that have switches addressed to address 1, they will be controlled.

You will have to separate the lighting addresses if you do not want them commonly controlled.

The downside of having multiple technologies set to a common address is that when you control, for example, UPB from a handheld controller or wall switch, the on/off state will be received by the M1 and its lighting map will reflect the state of the last technology switch that changed for that address. Even though other technology switches may be in another on or off state. This problem is only seen if you are writing Rules in the M1 using the on/off state of the lighting switch.

Just separate the addresses and you will have no problem:
UPB - 1 to 20
Insteon - 21 to 40
X-10 - 41 to 60
So, does it matter (feature wise) to the M1, RP, HA system, etc if you use X10, UPB, Zwave OR Insteon? Or do they all act the same way and you just have basic on/off/dim?

When a light is turned on by a rule, does the Elk report that the light is now on out to the serial port? Or does that have to be polled for? What about if the light was turned on via a mini controller or something? Assume that the HA doesn't have a way to listen directly to the powerline/protocol since HomeSeer doesn't support UPB (without xAP) or Insteon.

Yes we do. They have been on order for about a week now and I expect them in by tomorrow I hope (hurricane in New Orleans....). I'll get them on the site as soon as they get here.