M1G program glitch or is it just me?


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Started programming the M1G with rules having no got the test bed system fully functional. It really seems to be a robust and well designed and thought out system.

At the moment I am on turning relays on and off with simply PIR and momentary input switching into some of the zone inputs. I have notice that if you program an output to come on when an event occurs, upload it to the panel then delete that output trigger event from the rules, upload to the system again that output remains on. You can set a rule to switch the relay off but I would have thought if the "Then" instruction was deleted from the rule and uploaded to the system that the output would have changed back to it's original state being off.

If this is the norm then everytime you edit a rule you have to go in and check that an output you now want off is indeed off, the more likely senario is that you have to force it back to it's original state.

Have I missed something in the rule programming?

Also I am wondering if anyone has max out the 528 rule limit or got close in their HA system.



IMHO, this sounds like proper operation. Just because you changed or deleted a rule doesn't mean output state should change. Once the controller gets a signal to turn it on, it should receive an explicit signal to turn it off, whether that signal comes from a rule or an interface. There may be times when you want an output or any other device for that matter to stay in its state regardless of what you do with rules. Like lets say I have a room light on, then I am sitting in that room reprogramming the system and writing new rules. If I delete the rule that turned the light on, I don't want the light going off while I'm still using it. Just use the phone interface, RP, or the virtual keyboard to go in and shut the output off if you have no desire for it and deleted the rules that control it. In the real world when you write rules they will likely have both on and off components. Just my opinion on how it should and apparently does work.

I have not neared the limit yet but I write new rules all the time!
All the outputs are controlled from Rules firing. If a Rule turns the output ON and you delete the Rule that normally turns the output OFF, it will remain ON until you manually turn it OFF or powerup the control.

It is important to note when writing critical Rules to keep in mind what happens in some special cases like:
Control powerup or watchdog reboot - A fish pond pump filter control. Should the control reboot it will turn OFF the outputs, so you need a Rule to handle what should happen to the output on powerup.

Fleetz, you have made a good point here, but currently the outputs are not turned off if you erase a Rule.
Thanks Guys all valid comments.

I undersatnd the logic, I suppose in an ideal world it would be nice if you removed a rule that whatever was the default state was reinstated. I suspect there are a lot of gotcha here. The way it currently is is very workable, just have to remember to question the consequences after deleting and correct it there and then.

It is all good! Thanks for your input.


The other point to consider is that what if you had TWO (or more) rules that could turn the output ON. If you deleted ONE of the rules, what would you expect the output to do? It would take a lot of processing power to analyze all the other rules to see if there was still a different rule that could control the output.
Point taken Wayne.

The more get into the rules programming the less of an issue it becomes and more I see why it is as it is. It is all good!

Thanks for the feedback.