Majorly annoying problem with my laptop running XP


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I rebuild mine every 6 months or so, I don't feel like buying a new natural keyboard every single time :D A study concluded that keyboards are more of a hazard now than public payphones, wish I could remember the url, it was pretty interesting/scary.


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Ditto with me on the Natural keyboard. As for germs, well, they're all mine to begin with, so I guess I'm safe. :D


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Well, I work in IT, and I dred having to walk to someones desk to fix something. These office people are the worst offenders, keyboards are usuall ful of sticky stuff from lotions they put on their hands, food/drink spills and other objects one can not recognize :D


I ran a burn-in on Doc Mem and it came up with a lot of memory problems (always the same on each cycle, at least it's screwing up consistently ;) ).

However, and this has got me totally confused, once I rebooted after the tests, NO MORE PROBLEMS!
No beeping, the keyboard works fine now and the other probs seem to have disappeared too ;) !

Obviously I'm pretty happy about this, but I'm also kinda worried that the problems might come back, but so far my system "seems" stable (touch wood).

So I ran Doc Mem again, just as a quick test this time, to find out if the problems it had detected the first time were still present. They are!

I'm not a computer analyst or even that great with IT, so I don't know how to interpret the log. I'm hoping if I list it here then Electron, or anyone who uses Doc Mem, can help me with what it means and what I should do about it, if anything.

First a little background on my system: Sony VAIO, Mobile P4, 2.4GHz-M, 60GB HDD, 1024MB RAM, XP Pro w SP2, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500, Yamaha AC-XG.

Doc Mem fail log:

Walk Address "0"
>Addr_Err_Bits: 000FFFFC

>Addr: (1023M), Exp: 55AA55AA, Act: FFFFFFFF

March B
>Addr: (1023M), Exp: 33CC33CC, Act: FFFFFFFF

March C-
>Addr: (1023M), Exp: 66996699, Act: FFFFFFFF

>Addr: (1023M), Exp: 33CC33CC, Act: FFFFFFFF

>Addr: (1023M), Exp: 00000000, Act: FFFFFFFF

Tests not listed passed.

Electron, Skibum, Smee, thanks for the feedback :) , but it seems the problem isn't the keyboard after all :( .



I did 2 cycles of the standard test with memtest86.
No errors found! ;)

Now I'm even more confused!

What do you reckon E?