Media Center PC Network Problems


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I am hoping one of the network guru's here can hep me on this one! I just finished my MCE-PC and am having the strangest problem. The Media PC(MPC) is intermittently working on the home network. Let me try to explain my setup.

I have "home networking" DSL. The DSL modem plugs into any phone jack, and then turns all the other phone jacks in the house by simply using a USB adapter that plugs into the back of each PC, and then a phone jack.

I have the RJ-45 jack on the DSL going into a D-Link wireless router that I have set up as a switch. Being a switch, it is not plugged into the WAN port. This gives me wireless connection for my devices. I then have the MPC plugged into the D-Link router as well. All computers in the house are able to see each other on the network, both wired and wireless. So far so good.....

The problem is that the MPC drops the network after about 30 second of network use. If I browse either the internet, or another computer on the network, the longest the connection will work is around 30 seconds. (I was copying photos from my computer to the MPC, and about 30 seconds into the copy, windows reported that the copy failed, as the network is no longer available) I then have to unplug the network cable from the MPC, plug it back in and it again works for about 30 seconds! VERY strange indeed! All of my wireless devices can use the network (through the D-Link wireless router) with no problem, can see all other coputers in the home, and never lose the connection. This includes a laptop, PPC and 2 Fujitsu tablet PC's.

I have never used MCE, (thus SP2) before building the PC a few days ago, and did not know if this could be a SP2 thing. I turned off the firewall on the MPC, as my DSL modem has a built in firewall. From there I dont know where to go. I have never seen a problem quite like this one. The MPC was set to assign an IP automatically, and I did try making the IP static, and it still does the same thing.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? This is certainly a new one to me! Any help is greatly appreceiated!
If you think it's just the MPC machine, I'd try updating the network drivers on that machine - use the ones fromt he manufacturer, not the MS drivers. See if that helps. I don't know much about the "home networking" stuff over telephone cables, but I suppose it could be related to that, too.

And as a last resort, try a different NIC in the MPC machine and see if the original one is bad.
Huggy59, Where were you a couple days ago ;) Electron and I were in chat for a couple hours with him helping me out with this. We changed the IP addresses, subnet masks, Domains you name it... we went in circles! Being the MPC is not on the network, I had to take pictures with a digital camera to send him screen shots of the settings, on that computer as well as the IPCONFIG info from this machine and a 98 wireless tablet PC. At the very end of the ordeal, we both began to think that the card may be bad, or the drivers not working correctly. It has the Win default drivers, as the NIC is built into the MB, and I couldnt find the CD. I honestly do not even know what MB is in there, as it was from another machine that I took appart some time ago.

Well when it all boils down to it, I plugged in a USB thumbdrive/Wireless adapter, and it is on the network fine, see's the internet and both the wired and wireless sides of the LAN.

I will now put another nic card in there in a couple days and give that a try. Its on the network for now, but I want it wired in for speed/reliability. I just built the machine and its buried into the entertainment center rack nicely, so I just dont feel like unplugging, taking it appart, and moving everything around again for a few days :D
they sell external USB nic's (i.e. the kind that hooks up to Audrey, so if you have an Audrey, try that), I always have my USB nic on hand (Wireless one tho) in case I need to test something like that.