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I may or may not have noticed it before, but Zensys has a full description of Intermatic's new products on their website.

Here's a list of the new HomeSettings Pro Z-Wave products:
* In-wall master control(ler) -- scenes, action/time based programming, full 2-way control
* 600 watt dimmer switch -- can also control up to 5 additional devices; can be wired as a 3-way master as a direct swap-out (and used with standard switches)
* non-dimming (15A/20A) switch -- same as dimmer, but high loads and without dimming
* transmitter ("virtual") switch -- does not control load; can control other devices
* split-duplex (15A/20A) outlet -- with local current sensing auto-on control
* multi-scene in-wall controller -- controls up to 6 groups of Z-Wave devices
* Handheld remote with Smartbase (NiMH) -- controls 9 groups of devices; smartbase stores scene and status
* PIR sensor -- battery or AC operated; can use adjustable time delay
* contactor module -- controls large loads such as air conditioners, spas, and heaters (20A/25A/30A)

All of them come with a 5-year warranty. There are a lot of advanced features here that people have been wanting in the Z-Wave world, so I'm pretty excited to see these come out. The most exciting thing is seeing all the devices work together.

This is good news but if the price points do not come down UPB is going to win the new protocol race.
With what I have heard about z-waves future plans I am starting to thing that UPB doesnt stand a chance against them. I just hope the z-wave alliance pays off by making sure all the new products are compatible and any products from now on are backward compatible. I am not saying they have to be fully compatible but atleast able to work with the new USB controllers and handheld remotes coming out.

I know that backward- and forward-compatibility are _huge_ concerns to the Z-Wave Alliance, and that they are working to make sure that products are compatible. We are helping there with possible. Just today, I flew across the country and back in large part to help ensure that this is possible.

The new remotes coming out are _very_ nice. I can't wait to get ahold of the new Logitech one and play with it, although at $450 it's a bit pricey for a remote control :)


ControlThink (The company Chris works for) has a great understanding of the Z-wave protocol and they are investing a lot of their time and money into making everybody play nicely. They seem to be doing a good job at it also. When z-wave becomes everyones favorite potocol we will have to thank controlThink for making it happen. I think thats what Chris was trying to say.
Martin: Sorry about the typos; I must have been tired when I wrote that message. I've been flying around, meeting with various Z-Wave manufacturers, to help make sure that new products coming onto the market make everyone really, really happy. :)

We have also been doing some large installations with various protocols (Z-Wave, UPB, etc.) to find out what really works well, and to help the manufacturers understand what they need to do to make their products viable for a larger home control marketplace.

Squintz: There are a lot of people to thank for making Z-Wave a very interoperable protocol. There are so many manufacturers coming online--and the people in charge of making sure everyone designs things to standards are close to being overwhelmed by all the new products coming out and the enthusiasm of the companies building them.

We are working with others in the Alliance (and a lot with Zensys) to take Z-Wave to the next level, and to make it do things previously thought improbable. As the next few months go on, I think we'll all be pleased by the new (and updated) products coming onto the market.

Also, we have a few beta testers working with software we've created which, with a bit of firmware magic, makes Z-Wave really scream (and takes care of a lot of the nagging issues which have not really been the fault of the protocol).