Mounting (?) a DVD+RW/CD-R Drive


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Am I able to use Musicmatch (or another burning sofware, for that matter) to burn a DVD/CD on my server. I have a laptop that doesn't have a burner in it and want to be able to drop a CD in my Homeseer PC and burn over the network.

Any suggestions? Can it be done?
I am not aware of any software that would burn a CD using a drive on another machine. You get get your source material (what you are burning) from over the network.
Ugh. I have two laptops and only one can burn. Pain in the ass whenever my wife wants to burn a CD. She unfortunately (or fortunately, for me!) has the PC with the burner. I could probably convince her that it's no big deal to burn a CD by running into the basement and dropping a blank CD in the Homeseer PC and then burning the CD over the network.

Anybody else want to prove WayneW wrong??? lol
You could also (for a similar amount) buy an external CD writer (since it is a laptop and it may be more expensive to buy another writer on that machine).

You didn't rate the level of frustration it causes...

This one was out of stock, but the price is probably about right (drives are around $25 I think and if you add an enclosure for another $20 or so it seems about right. You could probably find a better deal with a little searching though).
could drop a cd in the other machine and use UltraVNC (or similar) to remotely control that computer.
Trying to teach VNC may not be the easiest route. Maybe I will look into the program above or an external drive.

Any other suggestions?
I personally would (and have) buy the external enclosure, buy a cheap drive (so you can upgrade it later on). You could even go as far as buying one of those USB/IP adapters to make the burner available on all machines. Silex has some nice adapters and software to go with the hardware. They now have a wireless USB adapter as well, so it doesn't even have to be plugged into the LAN anymore.
Now I understand that I am getting picky, but my wife is very comforatble with listening and burning with MusicMatch. A driver based solution would be better than a product solution (if you can follow me). Bottom line, something compatible with MusicMatch would be clutch.

I stumped my IT department with this as well. Their first answer was, "get an external USB enclosure and throw a drive in it." lol


P.S. And yes, I do realize that in my original post I said "(or other software, for that matter)". I am a confused and partially psychotic individual. :)