Multi-Camera recording?


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Sorry if this has been covered before, but I did not find anything explaining it.
Yesterday at the company that I work at, someone brazenly walked in off the street and helped themselves to one of the sales-girl's bicycles. My boss has now commissioned me to put together a surveillance system that covers both outside and inside the offices and warehouse. We have 8 CCTV cameras already that are not in use, but if we need to, we will get everything new. We will need 3 cameras outside (which will need to survive harsh Canadian winter conditions and rock-throwing brats) and 5 cameras inside.
Now here's the tricky part -- we also need to record everything nonstop in a loop or something on a DVDR or on a computer. Is there a way to record all of the camera inputs at once? Can anyone suggest a combination of equipment that we could purchase without breaking the bank?
Thanks in advance!
I use several at work, we have over 100 cams with a program called Remote View. College University

Only 16 or so still recording on the VCR.

It's soo much easier to search in the DVR we don't even mess with searching the VCR tapes unless it's a huge deal. Speco puts out a great product.
If you want to use your current cams that are analog check out the Axis 241Q video servers, you cams can be connected to this and become network cams...after this using Axis recording software you can purchase per cam licenses and record to a pc you build yourself with as much storage space as you need..very reliable products and I highly recommend them

241Q will support 4 analog cameras and connect to your netwrok, for 8 camera syou will need two of them.