NessRP and routers timeouts


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I have recently bought a Billion wireless router (7404VGO) and seem to be loosing packets but only when I connect to the M1. I am connected to a M1 via ELKRP XEP ethernet adaptor. I can connect no problems to the unit but when I request a send all or recieve all from the M1 system the Billion doesn't handle the transfer and times out the system. If I use the system to set and save changes no problems or timeouts. I am also getting the connection dropping out quite frequently with Billion where before with the Belkin was Ok.

I can connect via a crossover cable to M1 system no problem.

I can reinstall the old Belkin Pre-N router instead of the Billion ans no problems. (I bought the Billion so I could have VOIP)

If I ping the IP of the M1 I am getting large timing variations 1ms to 85mS with timeouts frequenty with the Billion. If I put the Belkin in I get a 1ms to 2ms variation and no time outs. If I send all or recieve all the ELKRP times out with the Billion but the Belkin doesn't miss a beat.

I have the most recent driver for the Billion installed and all the current ELK.

I would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.

One of those everthing works Ok except in this combinations!


Hi Mate, (Aussie for Hello)

Send an email request to [email protected] with your problems and they should give you some advice.

Probably some settings, but I haven't a clue.

G'day Mate. (Aussie for goodbye)
Hello Digger Mate, (Ultimate Aussie greeting)

Just sent this post to your support section. Hopefully they might throw some light on it.

Thanks for the pointer to your support folks.

Thanks Cobber!,