New Router and OmniPro II issues

plasman said:
<snipped> to track down the interference.  Will the power company help?
Not likely!  Electrical noise typically starts with the loads inside the home/industry. It may be worth a try to have them install some test equipment on your main panel, looking for a loose connection at the meter base or transformer. BSR had some suggestions above that are frequently found. Ground connections corroded or taken off the water meter are one as well as neutrals because a wet ground can carry the neutral current some times and then later cause a lot of noise in the neutral system induced by the ground voltage
StabLoc breakers were a huge problem with loose connection on the breakers, where they connect into the phase feed bus.
It could also be your power supplies to your radios generating noise.  I used to be a bit in to amateur radio in the 1960's. 
Main radio reciever at the time was a Hammarlund HQ-150 and Knight kit code transmitter.
UPB noise filters are sold and you can amplifier the UPB powerline signal with a UPB repeater or a phase coupler.  Best though to find the source of noise.
Very easy to do with Upstart software (on Windows 10, 7 or even XP) on a laptop and a UPB PIM.  Buy a hot spare. 
Here have mostly purchased HAI UPB PIMs (with the RJ connector) or purchase a PCS UPB USB PIM or SA UPB serial PIM.