Hello folks,

Let me introduce myself. My company is AC/DC Electric in Washington state. I have been an electrician for the last 25 years or so. I started out as an elect. tech in the Air Force, and worked as a tech for the old "Burroughs" computer corporation before I switched to electrical. I have an AS degree and a teaching credential in Electrical consruction and manintenance, a BS in computer science (pre windows and never used) and a lot of school of hard knocks.

I have recently expanded my compny to include home automation, security and home theatre. I have been reading your posts since Sept '05' and have found it to be invaluable in figuring out the direction I wanted to take my company and the actual systems I am installing.

Currently I am in the prewire stage on a group of 6 houses. I will be utilizing UPB for lighting control, and Elk M1 Gold system and HAL imbedded on a Dell PC for a home controller and server.

Before i forget, I want to give ULTIMATE KUDOS to Martin @ Automated outlet and his crew for the way they have fielded my numerous questions and for there ongoing patience and support.

I am about 4 weeks from my first integration and am trying to get a leg up on all the system programming before it hits the fan. I hop eI can lean on you guys a bit when i get stuck and if I can answer any electrical code or other questions for you please feel free to ask.

I normally only get to read the posts on the weekends, and often don't sign in, just peek and poke for whatever I need at the time.

Hope to get to know you all better.


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Don't forget to take a peek at MainLobby which integrates with both the ELK and the HAL system.


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Keep us informed on how your installations are going. We love to hear the good news and will help you on the bad news.


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Hey Mike - welcome to Cocoontech!

Thanks for the kind words.

Of course we're always here to help you but Cocoontech is also a great source for ideas and suggestions from a great bunch of people that really like this HA stuff.