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I write Win32 SDK for controlling CPU-XA by Internet, WiFi, local network for programmers. SDK is consist of 2 parts: client and server. Allow change all parameters on controller & send all x10 command, get info about X10 units, get full info about controller.


Client & Server included:

Server Setups:
Set com-port: base.mdb->setup->port
Values: 1 – com1
2 – com2
Set socket port: base.mdb->setup-> socketport
Default : 63336

Client component TCPUXAClientSocket for CBuilder6, Delphi6:
I have documentation only in Russian, but all headers for component included.

CPU-XA Client allows:
- To get and to change modules parameters (Secul6… ),
- To receive the modules data. (BobCat Data…),
- To receive and to change the value of variables,
- To get and to change the value of timers,
- To receive and to change the value of date and time,
- To receive the data on quantity and type of modules,
- To transmit Ir
- To receive and transmit X10

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Field Password must be 10 symbols.

You can get more info in client application sample.
Client application with source code for CBuilder:

Full info about server only in Russian language:
Any question send to [email protected]. :)