OmniPro II randomly doing SYSTEM RESETs - help


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first off have to say thank you for all that have posted over the years.   this will be my first posting in that I have just purchased a house that has a HAI system in it.   unfortunate that Leviton has decided to cancel the HAI production (as to what I have been reading and several other individuals I have spoken with).
after purchasing the house and obtaining access to the system through the PC Access software have started learning the software side of things.   still working through the understanding of the hardware, but this will take some time (I've come from using a 2gig alarm system for the past 7 years).
this article screams exactly what my system is doing (with constant system resets).  at first I did not know what the heck was going on.  spoke with the technician and he changed out the batteries because I figured the battery back up was a problem and the batteries were dead.  no luck ... so then read about the transformer potential problem, but the system would work for several days and then crash again (lose time and some of the programming).    noticed that it would occur at random times and with different pieces (usually when the alarm was turned off ... but not the only time).
so I want to build the HAI alarm behind the router ... in the article it uses microrouters, but can any router be used?   I have an extra Orbi router and a linksys router that I removed from use when I bought the Orbi mesh network, or do I need to just purchase a single microrouter and go from there?
current system
HAI OmniPro II - was able to flash update from 3.10a to 4.0b
Consoles x 3
Thermostats x 4
Multiple sensors for windows / doors / glass break and the in-ground sensor for vehicles
spectrum internet cable modem to a Orbi mesh router.   The router goes into a tplink unmanaged switch then to the alarm system.   So I figure with reading here and several other places that I need to add the extra router into the system ... my thought is to put it between the alarm system and the Orbi router instead of going into the switch (just eliminate the switch from the equation all together ... and I have an extra port in the Orbi router)
from there --- is there any place on the web that has / explains the programming side of things with the home automation.   the system came with some programming ... but unsure if this is causing some of the issues?
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Hi, I am having similar SYSTEM RESET issues.  OPII would lose all Automation programming and I would rewrite automation blocks to OPII with PCAcess. OPII would run well for about a week, then reset.  Went out of town for a week and unplugged Sonos to see if that was the problem, but got a system reset again, but this time I cannot connect PCAccess via Ethernet to OPII.  OPII Ethernet LED status: Left--solid, Right--flashing.  Any suggestions?  
One additional item that I just discovered.--FIXED
IP Address from OPII Controller:
IP Address from PCA recent file: (This has been the OPII IP Address for many years)
UPDATE: Not sure how the OPII panel changed its IP address, but I was able to change the OPII address and all is workin again.  Now 
QUESTION: now how do I solve the ongoing "SYSTEM RESET" issue.  I understand a micro router will probably solve the issue, but after a good solid 10 years of OP2 use, wondering why it's so unstable now.  Any thoughts are appreciated!
Thanks for your help and support.