Outdoor motion detectors


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Anyone have luck finding outdoor rated wired PIR motion detectors that they would recommend?  I have some nice Bosch PIR sensors but they are not intended for outdoor.  They will be up on an eve, so I might be able to get by with them.  Just looking to see what others have done. 
There was some discussion in this previous thread about outdoor motion detectors that you might find helpful.  How well they work will depend a lot on your environment and how many false alarms you are willing to put up with.  Outdoor motion detection is really hard to get to work well. In general, a dual-tech PIR/microwave model will work better than just a simple PIR. 
Brands to consider are Honeywell, Optex and Bosch.  Yes, Bosch does make an outdoor motion detector, the OD850.  There used to be an Interlogix model.  Don't know what it's availability is these days.  They shut down several years ago. 
Historically here used wired Optex outdoor sensors which worked well for me.  
Last year tried a custom wireless 433Mhz MQTT solution integration to OmniPro 2 panel using the following hardware.  
1 - Sonoff ITead 433Mhz RF bridge upgrading radio / base OS to Tasmota
2 - Outdoor long range 433Mhz PIR 
3 - ESP01 wireless relay base OS to Tasmota plugged in to one zone on the OmniPro 2 alarm panel (It is mounted outside of the OmniPro 2 can in the basement)
Using Homeseer and Home Assistant here with MQTT / OmniPro 2 integration.  I did this in May of 2021.  The PIR uses 3 batteries and they are still working fine outside here in the midwest with cold and warm extremes.  I do not remember where the Tasmota RF hub connects to the WLAN in house network.  
1 - capture code from 433Mhz PIR
2 - write a rule on the RF bridge to send MQTT on reception of motion from PIR
rule2 on RFReceived#data=13689994 do backlog publish2 Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 ON; ruletimer1 5 endon on rules#timer=1 do publish2 Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 OFF endon
rule2 1
The data 13689994 is the RF code for the 433MHZ PIR.  You can add more RF sensors and extend the rule to include sensor 2, 3, 4, ...
console display:
Works great.

07:41:25.926 MQT: Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 = ON (retained)
07:41:26.179 MQT: Sonoff_Bridge/PIR/RESULT/RESULT = {"T1":5,"T2":0,"T3":0,"T4":0,"T5":0,"T6":0,"T7":0,"T8":0}
07:41:31.426 RUL: RULES#TIMER=1 performs "publish2 Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 OFF"
07:41:31.433 MQT: Sonoff_Bridge/Motion1 = OFF (retained)

3 - write a rule on the ESP01 to close switch on reception of trigger from RF bridge.
rule2 on POWER1#STATE=1 do backlog publish2 Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 ON; ruletimer1 5 endon on rules#timer=1 do publish2 Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 OFF endon

rule2 1
I called it Hikvision_PIR because I was doing the same with the Hikvision Doorbell PIR except that it was too sensitive so I quit using it.
ONVIF messages converted to MQTT messages using a Python script.
Console displays:
Omni/HikVision_PIR/POWER = ON
07:49:07 RUL: POWER1#STATE=1 performs "backlog publish2 Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 ON; ruletimer1 5"
07:49:07 MQT: Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 = ON (retained)
07:49:07 MQT: Omni/HikVision_PIR/RESULT = {"T1":5,"T2":0,"T3":0,"T4":0,"T5":0,"T6":0,"T7":0,"T8":0}
07:49:08 MQT: Omni/HikVision_PIR/RESULT = {"POWER":"OFF"}
07:49:13 RUL: RULES#TIMER=1 performs "publish2 Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 OFF"
07:49:13 MQT: Omni/HikVision_PIR/Motion1 = OFF (retained)
Currently the PIR triggers:
1 - Microsoft SAPI speech notification via Homeseer
2 - Amazon Alexa speech notification (to all or just one Amazon Alexa device) - via Alexa Media plugin for Home Assistant
3 - Coach lights / Landscaping lighting after hours
4 - automation lines on the OmniPro 2 panel
I have three of DSC LC-151  PIR and MW that monitor the driveway, rear door, and patio.  They are exposed to the weather and have not ever failed.  In service for several years now.  False alarms have not been a problem.  The one for the driveway triggers ELK, ISY programs that raise holy hell if someone intrudes after 11 PM and I've never had a false alarm with it.
All, thanks for suggestions as well as the old thread link, it has some good information to consider.  Looks like I really need to evaluate what I hope to accomplish before picking one.  I spent the time to hardwire, so plan to go wired as long as much as I can.  I hope to be chiming in here more as I have some time to finish my basement and Omni installation.
Here purchased one of these to test (early 2000's)  Worked but it was way larger than my Optex outdoor sensors.
Risco WatchOUT PIR Outdoor Motion Detector (RK212PR0000B)
Also purchased a few outdoor wired PIRs from a UK security company which I liked.  The PIR sensor was on a swivel top.  Different design.
These were nice in the early 2000's.  I like the outdoor Optex best.