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First of all.. I have Insteon and the ISY.. while it has been pretty good for me, I sometimes wish I had started with something else!

I am looking for some assistance in adding pool pump control to my setup. This will be for a water feature pump, not the main pump nor pool cleaner (that is for another day possibly!). Here is my current configuration and desired control aspects:

1) Bank of 2 switches (1 for pool lights, 1 for water feature) installed in waterproof enclosure near pool. The water feature switch is a double pole. This location is in a wet area (no shelter from rain).
2) Pool Breaker box is on the opposite side of the home, well away from the switches.

Desired Control:
1) Would like the ability to control the water feature from inside the house through a keypad (already installed).
2) Would also like local control at the switch housing.

Solution 1:
1) Install a 220V / 240V 30 AMP INSTEON Load Controller Normally Open Relay (Dual-Band) at the switch location, probably have to locate above the switch housing.

Issues I see: If this unit is not outdoor rated, would I have to install it inside a weatherproof enclosure? This likely wouldn't look great next to the pool. I have also read about numerous issues people seem to have with a high failure rate of the unit.

Solution 2:
1) Install a ELK-9200 Heavy Duty Relay Contactor at the breaker box area (also outdoors though, so some protection needed, any ideas on best solutions?).
2) Connect HD contactor to appliancelinc, somehow (I do have an outlet at the breaker panel I could utilize for this).

Issues: How could I get local control? Could I somehow utilize the pool light circuit in the switch box for a dummy togglelinc (controls no actual load) to just act as a controller for the appliancelinc? I don't think installing the HD at the switch box is a great solution due to weather and WAF (nor would local control be all that intuitive).

The ISY will obviously be utilized to build and maintain a schedule for the water feature, among other things.

I would be interested to hear opinions from anyone on the above solutions... am I on the right track? Any other ideas for good WAF?

The elk contactor for sure. The box it comes in could probably be used outdoors with some weatherstripping and perhaps a little shield overhead to avoid direct rain. Dunno what your pool equip area looks like, but the one at my parent's place where my second insteon setup is would handle this and not look dumb.

As for what to use for driving the contactor...




All dependent upon whether or not it would be sleeker built in or not.

Keep in mind, please as always, that ANY and ALL pool equipment must be on GFCI unless specifically approved otherwise by some manner I am unfamiliar. If you do the wire-in module, DO NOT replace a GFCI with it. The easiest, if you are not an electrician, would be the "outdoor" plug in insteon module. Of course you also need to keep in mind how you wire up your pumps to be powered by the relay. Be sure you don't compromise any GFCI or grounding they operate on either.


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Not a code expert here so make sure you do it right.......

To get local control you could use the Elk contactor with the appliancelinc controlling it, BUT wire in an outdoor rated toggle (In it's enclosure)in between the switched plug of the appliancelinc and the coil of the contactor. This way you can use the local control functionality of the APL by turning the load off and back on. The only caveat is that the coil of the contactor has enough current to trip the local control sense of the APL.


Thanks for the replies. I actually have a GFCI circuit at the breaker box (it was a sub-panel added specifically for the pool, and this circuit is solely for the pool light). I could connect the appliancelinc there, with the ELK HD installed above/around that sub-panel. My only question then would be, for local control (since the sub-panel is well away from the pool/deck area), could I install a togglelinc or etc which doesn't actually control any load? It would just wire into the pool light circuit and have a capped load line? I am assuming this would work, but just have never installed a "dumb switch" like this before. This would allow the wife to just control the water feature the same place she does now, but the actual work happening at the ELK HD near the sub-panel.

Funny too.. the ELK HD is cheaper than the Insteon 220V / 240V 30 AMP INSTEON Load Controller yet seems to be the better/safer all around product.


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Yes you can connect a TogglLinc or SwitchLinc to the Line and Neutral Power and cap off the Red Load wire.
Just link it to the ApplianceLinc as a controller.

One point with ApplianceLincs that may not effect your use. Hardware 1.3 to 4.1 revert to the state they where in if there is a power loss and restoration. 4.15 to 4.8 always power up Off even if On when the power was lost.
Just to confuse matters. I just got a new 4.9 and it again restarts in the state it was in.


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My only question then would be, for local control (since the sub-panel is well away from the pool/deck area), could I install a togglelinc or etc which doesn't actually control any load?

As mentioned above by BLH, that is an option...BUT while you're at it, you night as well use a Keypadlinc.(assuming that is what your "etc" meant...) You can control 6 or 8 different devices with this. You never know, you might want to control some outside lights, another pump, waterfall...etc...

I have a few KPL's that do nothing but control other stuff.