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Can a CAM be daisy-chained off a CAV unit?

Yes, you can simply loop from the source outputs on the CAV6.6 to the source inputs on the CAM6.6 and then connect RNET between the two units. Each unit needs to be programmed independantly to setup the source gear for control from the keypads (this isn't passed between units).


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Somebody mentioned earlier that the CAV has 'line level pass throughs' whereas the CAM does not. Since it seems these passthroughs is what one would use to diasychain (passhtough output from one to the input on the other, hence the maximum is always 6 sources) how could you daisychain a CAM?


I missed the questions here the first time...

Y cables can be used just like Mike suggested. If you look in the last few pages of the manual there are several sample configuration diagrams that show this.