Simple EE help needed

bfisher said:
...I will be adding a couple more amps and will need some more anyways... and at that price, I could barely buy the components to fix the other one :)
If you're not a "Tinkerer" with an established "Junkbox", any components you would buy at RS would easily match (or exceed) the cost of another wallwart.

Here are some ideas I just picked out of a Marlin P. Jones & Assocc. Inc. printed catalog (sorry, didn't look up the LINKs for ya!)
  • 14591-PS @ $2.50 - 5V & 7.5V Desktop Supply
  • 12254-PD @ $3.50 - 9VDC @ 1A Plug Supply
  • 14446-PD @ $1.75 - 6VDC @ .4A
  • 12144-PD @ $1.95 - 6VDC @ .5A
  • 14448-PD @ $1.49 - 9VDC @ .2A
Anybody else here remember Burstein-Applebee? :)
upstatemike said:
I use these: Allelectronics 12v Wall Wart and they work great with my Stargate inputs (basically the same specs as Homevision inputs). No need to mess with regulators or anything. At $3.50 the price is also reasonable.
Got my shipment in yesterday - hooked them up and they work perfect. Thanks for the lead!