Since OmniPro is now EOL, what controller alternative for automation?


I have an OmniPro2 controller running my house automation and security.  Lots of automation scripts, with many door and window contacts, PIR motion sensors, Omnistat thermostats,  UPB devices,  Leviton dimmers and switches, OmniNotifier email board, etc... everything.   A really full system... running mostly well but sometimes the OP2 is not stable.
With End of Life for OmniPro2... I am wondering what good hardware controller for Home Automation I should consider for migrating my old HAI OP2 system to a newer system.
I have openHAB2 running on Linux, but this software of course communicates with the OmniPro2 hardware controller which is monitoring all the sensors and controls all the light switches and HVAC and security, etc.
Is there a good controller alternative?


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Do you really need to change anything? My Stargate hit End of Life many years ago but it is still the most reliable part of my system (I use it as a watchdog to detect when other newer systems screw up). Unless you are having serious problems I would just coast for a year, or ten, and see what new things come down the pike rather than scrambling to replace the Omni now.