Starting OmniPro two without council.


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Starting OmniPro ll without council. I believe my Consol is dead and I don’t have another is it possible to start up a panel with access by PC or Myro?
The panel should start fine without a console. You can access the panel with apps like OmniBridgeLink, Homeseer Omni, Myro, Snaplink, et al.
I had to install a replacement panel and in the process found the console not showing anything. Neither Myro or PC access acknowledge contact. So maybe my panel is defective. UGH. The wagons of total bailout on OMPII are circling..
Out of curiosity, can you please take a high resolution photo of the area marked in this green rectangle (especially focus on the capacitors, the taller cylinder like objects)

Electron as you requested here are three panels that I have. My latest situation is the reinstallation of the extra main panel allowed everything to come back up. I only have one fault showing and that is a fuse showing “trouble now” on the consul. The two fuses on the expansion panel Test OK. Any ideas on that one.? So far everything looks like it’s working. Getting ready to send in my failed panels for repair.


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Yea not sure about the 'trouble now' error, I don't have any experience with the HAI OmniPro itself. It will be interesting to see if they're replacing those capacitors as part of the repair. The blue cap in the last pic looks a little bloated, but these caps can fail before looking like the typical bulging capacitor.
Electron of all the failures 4 I’ve had they all seem to be like this shown in this picture. After a lightning surge nearby😩


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I burned up a new OmniPro 2 panel upon bench testing it and shifting the power wires over to the left one terminal by accident. I saw smoke and the area of the board pictured above was blackened. HAI at the time replaced it free of charge. I had another OP2 board older first generation which had the bulging large capacitor and leaking a bit. The board still worked fine but I replaced the cap anyhow.

Years ago installed a powered external siren to the OP2 panel. This could always cause a trouble error until I removed it and replaced it with Piezo siren(s).

Lightning will cause some major issues. My current and past grounding to the panel has been the ingress water pipe which is the same ground connecting to the fuse panel. It is a large grounding strap in conduit from the water meter area to the fuse panel (40-50 feet or so). Had the local town replace the water meter a couple of years ago. It went from brass to all mostly plastic. The installer put a ground strap connecting the pipes before and after the water meter.
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