Suggestions for a high quality vcr


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I've got lots of tapes of me in diapers and the parents want them on dvd. I might do some touch up, etc on the computer, but its going to kill my computer if i move the videos directly and I dont have the time nor the space to keep a vcr here or keep on connecting/disconnecting it. Also, I need my

Ok, here's the plan! I've got my tivo. Replaced the measily 40 gig hard drive with 2 300 gig seagate (just had to mention seagate knowing how much Electron like's em :) ). So I'll store the videos on my tivo in the mean while. The tivo is connected to my home network, so I'll move over tape by tape as I get the time and burn.

Now I need a high quality vcr with svideo out. Any suggestions? I started looking at ebay, then saw editing vcr's. Not sure if that would be too much power for me. Looking for something that costs $100 on ebay. Any suggestions?
I came across the Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U which has firewire. Anyone know if this will interface properly with the computer?
Pics and specs soon B) Still waiting for it to arrive. Its once sexy unit. Unfortunatly, now I think I may need to buy a time based corrector (TBC). I have this obsession with doing things professionally and only once... lol. Good news is that I found a way to crack my tivo's encryption. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to edit my files. Now I need to figure out how good of a job tivo does for capturing so maybe I can save some money on the "destination" end.
I think you're overanalyzing the situation. VHS only has 240 lines or so of resolution. You don't need a fancy VCR with s-video... a nice 75-ohm composite cable hooked up to a 10 year old Sony will do. You will however need a high quality capture card. The cheap ones tend to lose audio sync after long periods of recording. The Canopus cards have been known to do wonders with poor quality inputs. There are a lot of options for editing software... Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, etc. If you have a mac, iMovie is actually pretty good for a basic program, limited functions, but it does what you need it to do.
This is something I do not want to have to repeat in the future. Paying an extra $100 for professional grade equipment is worth it in my book, especially considering some of these tapes have not been viewed for YEARS. Svideo has less loss over composite while transfer since it isn't combining colors.

Just picked up Pinnacle Liquid 5.5 with an external capture box. Looking at the awards the software has earned, looks like I found a good match. I'll have to see how my video turns out to I decide if I should go with a tbc.

vcr is still in transit...stupid seller shipped it via parcel post :blink: :D :angry:
here's a pic of specs of the vcr:

There are specs all over the place: - scroll 3/4 way down

I should have read some reviews before purchasing the pinnacle movieboxdv. I only read reviews on the liquid edition 5.5 software which mentioned the software was exceptional. I like it because it has dvd authoring built in. I have had a lot of bad luck with post dvd creation using premiere, so I decided to give this a try. Apparently the moviebox is a pos. Need to find a new capture device now ;)