Testing NX-487 Glass Break


I have no idea if my mulitiple glass breaks are working so I would like to test them. Is there a specific tester that I need to buy? If so, which one?
You could purchase a tester, but they are kind of expensive. I would just take two 4x4 sections of wood about a ft long and "clap" them together (with a LOT of force).

Also, I've taken two sections of 3/4" pvc pipe about five ft long, placed the ends on the floor next to each other, then "clapped" the two top ends together.

Here is a link to two sensors Automated Outlet carries FYI...



Another old trick is a very loud PSSSST under the units. You look and sound funny, But it works as long as the devices are audio only.

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This is the one I use to test glass breaks, Sentrol 5709CW. It isn't cheap but it emits the sound of breaking plate and laminated glass. It takes a lot of the guess work out of installations.
You mean they didn't get "tested" the first time someone dropped a plate in your house? Or one of your buddies knocked his beer bottle off the table?