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I am in the process of looking for a TOSLink cable to connect my audio server to my living room A/V receiver. The distance will require a cable of 50 feet. Does anyone have any experience using a TOSLink cable to cover this distance? Any recommendations on source for this cable as well?

I have been very satisfied with Monoprice as well. I bought DVI and RCA cables as well as a plasma wall mount.
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I use a 30 foot toslink cable to connect a computer in one room to a receiver in another. Or, rather, I did until I disconnected it a few weeks ago. Absolutely no problems with that length - it's really two shorter cables spliced together which won't be as good as one.

The cable I've been using did not come from monoprice, but I do have a 3-foot cable from them that seems to be pretty good quality. I've purchases quite a few other types of cables from monoprice (hdmi, vga, component, ...)
Well based upon everyones recommendation I ordered one from them.

Should be here in a couple of days.

Thanks to everyone.