Touch Screen Interface

If you are using a touchscreen Mike adding mouse over audio isn't as easy as you usually have buttons configured as with a touchscreen it would be sorta hard to actually drag over each thing and have it play background music..touching a button to do this however would be much easier.

Basically with Mainlobby unless you know Flash your going to pay for anything custom to do with Flash..while its very simple to make buttons and convert graphics to work in flash and Mainlobby when you start trying to do actionscripting and want drop down menus, interactive audio and anything else fancy that you might see on a custom website your going to pay... unless someone has a huge heart and decides its your lucky day and will do programming for free.

It would be possible to have mouseover audio in mainlobby if you chose to use the program with a mouse..I would think it would be especially tricky to drag on a touchscreen and place it over a link and have it play audio without invoking a button press at the same could set your touchscreen software to work differently for drags but then it might effect navigation for other things in negative ways.

Flash is a nice programming language but if you don't know it you'll be paying for it and the rate is far from cheap and you'll have to hope Cinemar will be kind enough to expose code to you so things will work, they were uncooperative with me in requests for the feature of user created graphic librarys in Flash so don't expect them to offer functionality if they can profit from it somehow.
Sliding menus were just added into MainLobby as a FREE upgrade about two builds ago. Very easy to customize what is on the menu, where it is placed, default state of open / closed, and other parameters. Don't need to know a lick of Flash....

And Ripper is right, there is a fee for custom programming. But, that is whether the programming environment is Flash, HTML, ASP, VB, C#.Net or any other language that takes expertise, time to master, development platform expense and time to execute. So, if you want custom development you will pay. Just like if you want a house to be built for you, you will pay. Now, if you have a good friend that wants to do you a favor, he/she can do that for you in MainLobby in Flash. Just like he/she can do that for you in CQC or any other software or hardware product that is relatively open in it's design and business plan.
Cinemar has many developers world wide building supporting software to support their own business, their hobby, or on consignment.
Man... I gotta find which element is the sliding menu... that sounds cool... didn't even notice that on the ML boards! :(
Yes, gregoryx, build 29 of ML Client. Sliding, configurable drop up / down menus.

And speaking of "sliders", the next build of MLServer 3 has configuration for volume type sliders. You might consider dropping the "custom" slider menu I modded for you that required flash :(

MLSliders: This driver allows you to define up to 16 slider configurations.
Commands supported: SET~Slider#~SliderVal
Where Slider# = 1..16, SliderVar = 0..100

Quite frankly, there are so many updates, it is very difficult for me to keep track. Dozens and dozens in the last two months across the product line. We can't keep up with the website on posting what's new.
Neat stuff on the slider. :)

Hideous method of doing it, but I'm sure it'll seem second nature after a bit. :(

I'll definitely replace my dropdown menus soon. It's time for a full UI rewrite, actually.

With the new photo album, lighting, weather, caller ID, and Theater Tek stuff, I've got a lot of work to do. ;)

Props to you and the crew! :p