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1. Obtain and load the following S/W: PC Access Version 2.7 or above Upstart Software Ver. 4.0 Build 38 or better

2. Connect UPB PIM/CIM (Powerline Interface Module) to an available PC serial port. Use a USB to serial adapter (ELKUSB232), if serial port is unavailable.

3. Open Upstart Configuration software. Click File…Create New Network.

4. Enter your chosen Network Name, ID and Password. Click OK.

5. Click Device… Add. Choose Manufacturer and Switch Type.

6. Place UPB device in Setup Mode. Click Next only if UPB device is in Setup mode. Enter Room and Device names when prompted.

7. Repeat step 6 as necessary. Do not click Finish until all UPB devices are programmed. Note: Links (scenes) can be programmed later

8. Click File… Save… and Name the Network file. Close Upstart configuration software.

9. Reset PIM by tapping program button 5 times, LED blinks red, tap 10 more times, LED blinks green, tap once more, LED solid amber to reset PIM/CIM to MESSAGE Mode.

Note: Following steps pertains to HAI Omni panel specifically.

10. Install HAI 10A017 Serial Interface board.

11. Open PC Access software. (must be ON LINE with panel for programming).

12. Open or Create new file.

13. Click Setup…Miscellaneous…Control. Choose UPB. Click OK.

14. Click Setup…Installer…Control. Enter Network ID and Password from Step 4 above. Click OK.

15. Click Setup…Installer…Expansion. Choose UPB under Module # of Serial Board. Click OK.

16. Click File…Download to PC. Click File…Save…Exit/Close PC Access.

17. Connect PIM to serial board.